Global Verification Check (GVC)

When it is essential to obtain the most current local registration records our investigators will check with local authorities and confirm the current legal status of that business entity including all related statutory data In instances, whereby it is found that the business entity does NOT exist, or has a terminated licenses, a report will be prepared and emailed including the date on which government records were checked.
Please find a sample report of our GVC report here.

Customers require GVC's for many different scenarios, including but not limited to:
  • Avoid fraud cases. When first establishing business relationships to identify if the other party is "real" or not.
  • To assess the legal standing of an overseas company, in terms of whether they are a fully incorporated limited liability company, or just a sole-proprietorship.
  • Assistance to identify if the person you are negotiating with is in fact a shareholder of the company and has the legal right to enter into business transactions with you.
  • To obtain correct company registration data for legal proceedings or other related action being conducted against an overseas entity.