Report Comparison - this page helps to understand the different contents in the three credit report types

GCC offers three (3) different types of international credit reports.
The content varies depending on the type of report ordered.
The table below provides an easy-to-view comparison of the information supplied in the different types of reports.

Data Fields
Global Unique Key
Company Name
Name in Local Language
Previous Name/s
Date of Registration
Registered Address
License Number
Issuing Authority
Status of Business License
Legal Form
Main Business Activity
Main Industry
Company Status
Operating Address
Mobile Phone
Web site
P.O. Box
Credit Score
Risk Analysis
Company Management
Product / Material / Service Description & Activity
Brands & Trademarks
Previous Business License/s
Maximum Credit
Factory Address
Factory Contact details
Product Classification (SIC) & Activity
Standardized Product Classification & Activity
Identify of Indirect & Direct Corporate Parent
Bank References
Payment Terms
Accountants / Auditors
Industry Ranking
Financials - Summary
Financials - Detailed
Record of any adverse business dealings
Details of Business focus
Factory Facilities & Manufacturing Capabilities
Subsidiaries & Related Parties
Local Distribution & Warehousing facilities
Domestic Suppliers / Customers
International Trade - Statistics & Details
International Suppliers / Customers
(*) Availability of certain data fields maybe limited depending on the respective data disclosure laws of the country in which the company is registered.