Our services - a short description of the idea behind the GCC reports

When conducting international business involving monetary transactions for goods or services, one of the biggest threats to your business is basing decision-making on guesswork.
Without accurate information about your new business partners, decisions can easily result in financial losses and/or missed opportunities. GCC freshly investigated commercial credit reports are designed to allow you to assess and avoid exposure to such risks.

The GCC range of credit information products are geared to eliminate the unknown, and provide you with the necessary facts on which decisions can be made in a confident and expedient manner.

Why do we not offer online reports?

Online credit information in many countries presents numerous difficulties, of which the following are some of the key issues:

  • The first challenge always involves the ability to accurately identify the company you are targeting and on which you require the credit information. With the proliferation of company names existing in each country, many of which can be exceptionally similar in name, often errors commence in selecting the incorrect company.
  • The next issue that often arises, is that the company being searched for cannot be found in the on-line services.
  • In scenarios whereby the targeted company can be identified, then a further challenge is to assess whether the data presented is outdated, and if so, how outdated.
  • If the information presented is compiled from multiple sources (third parties), then how to differentiate between the sections of the on-line report which are accurate and the outdated or incorrect data.

GCC reports removes problems such as listed above and enables customers to receive only credit reports which have been freshly investigated and hence are not dated reports and provides the most up-to-date credit information possible.

For this reason GCC decided to offer only the service of freshly investigated company credit reports.