Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How accurate is the data provided?

The contents of every report produced worldwide is checked carefully against the most current government statutory records, and all related authorities from which credit information is obtained. Data obtained from other sources is also carefully correlated against known facts of the company being investigated as assessed in light of the due diligence process.

Can there be delays in delivery of the report?

GCC has in place a totally automated global ordering, production, processing and delivery systems in order to ensure customers are supplied the completed report in the fastest time possible. In most cases, delays do not occur, however there are occasionally some scenarios in which delays are beyond the control of GCC such as natural disasters, break out of disease, civil war, and similar types of scenarios – If and when such a delay does occur the customer is informed immediately and a re-scheduled date of delivery is provided.

Do you enclose the name of the enquirer during investigation?

GCC operates of a Total Confidential basis, which means at NO STAGE after the placement of orders is the name of the person or company placing, or country from which the order has originated, disclosed to any party.

Do you provide reports on individuals?

No. GCC specializes only in the production of freshly investigated commercial credit reports.

From which sources do you obtain information?

GCC maintains a global network of experienced credit analysts operating in 230 countries / territories worldwide. As a result of this sophisticated architecture of sources and analysts we have over 150 different channels from which credit information, trade information, statutory information, and performance information is collected and assessed on a daily basis.
Thus providing our customers with the guarantee of receiving the most up-to-date credit information possible.