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Get your GCC freshly investigated commercial credit reports in three different types

GVC is the verification report from GCC

Global Verification Check

GVC information
GCI is the compact report from GCC

Global Compact Investigation

GCI information
GFI is the full report with all information of GCC

Global Full Investigation

GFI information
Identification is one of the most important part of GCC report

Company identification

Financials are criterias of the GFI report

Financial information

Management Data are part of the credit reports at GCC

Management data

Credit Score is one criteria of the GFI Report

Credit score

Shareholder information is included in GFI reports

Shareholder structure

Credit recommendation is part of GFI report from GCC

Maximum credit recommendation

The Mission tells the idea about GlobalCompanyCheck

Our Mission is to make everyone use trustworthy and high quality company information, just because it is simple to do so.

Today we are all connected. By using a simple laptop, we can basically buy and sell from and to everyone around the globe. Innovative and dynamic SME companies and even private individuals have access to global markets which means doing business with a company on the other side of the world can be essentially the same as doing business with a company located next door. This offers, especially to small and medium size companies, great business opportunities but also bears some significant risks.

If you are such a company with an international or global focus, or even if you are a private individual doing cross border business transactions, then the ability to assess the reliability of your potential buyers or sellers can be essential for the success of your activities. For this purpose, we developed GlobalCompanyCheck, a web shop which allows you to order freshly investigated, reliable and easily understood business reports on companies located in all countries around the globe.

Our company reports are designed in a standardized format, the product range varies from a simple verification that the company you are in contact with really exists, to a compact credit report assessment, and ends at a full company investigation which may also support a due diligence evaluation.